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#3463 Anunturi Generale

Posted by johnake on 07 March 2015 - 04:59 AM

Pentru nostalgici... aveti în profil o nouă temă, botezată cum altcumva decât... Nostalgic:



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#1680 Forum Protejat vs Vizitatori

Posted by nFo on 12 November 2014 - 01:30 PM

Incepand cu 12.NOV.2014 se modifica permisiunile sectiunii "Trackers


0. Dorim sa limitam accesul la anumite informatii lui Google, Garzii si vizitatorilor neavizati.

1. Dorim sa respectam secretele trackerelor 1337.

2. Dorim sa incetinim procesul de verificare al unor trackere paranoia privind "istoria declaratiilor" unui membru.

3. Dorim sa pastram anumite pareri subiective doar pentru membrii comunitatii noastre.


Cu dedicatie,

Custom 404  ;)

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#24 Hip Hop [Romanesc]

Posted by nFo on 13 September 2014 - 09:38 PM

Incepem cu o dedicatie catre "militie"


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#4342 10 ani... MT

Posted by nFo on 31 May 2016 - 05:55 PM

Si uite asa au trecut 10 ani... 


La multi ani, prieteni ;)


2006-00-00 cafedelmar.mine.nu : Blue MT



2007-05-15 musictorrents.ro : Red MT



2012-00-00 music-torrents.ro : Green MT




2014-07-19 musictorrents.org : Gazelle MT 


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#1822 Graphic Designer

Posted by Berlin on 17 November 2014 - 12:04 AM


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#1575 Discuții despre politică

Posted by johnake on 09 November 2014 - 12:43 AM


E pe repeat de ceva vreme.

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#95 Dragoste de la prima auditie

Posted by MusicON on 19 September 2014 - 02:29 PM

Este un album pe care il stiu de foarte mult timp dar pe care nu l-am mai ascultat.

De cateva zile este repeat.


Mike Oldfield - The Songs of Distant Earth






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#495 Bun venit

Posted by sparcky01 on 30 September 2014 - 03:15 AM

Bine v-am gasit! bai, sincer, imi pare bine ca ati reusit sa aduceti online un forum care e specializat pe muzica dar sunt sigur ca in cateva luni maxim se va pune accent mai mult pe comunitatea p2p din Romania si nu e un lucru rau. Chiar era nevoie de asa ceva. 

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#362 Discuții despre politică

Posted by nFo on 27 September 2014 - 12:20 AM

La arest / puscarie... nu e bine... ca au cazare si mancare gratuita :P (iar elevii defavorizati primesc praful de pe toba in comparatie cu costul mediu pentru un "incarcerat")


Eu as prefera stilul fabricilor chinezesti / indiene : munca 14 ore / zi si salariu 10 centi / zi ... timp de 5-10 ani... si pe urma sa vedem cui ii mai arde de "jmecherii"

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#312 Hip Hop [Romanesc]

Posted by johnake on 26 September 2014 - 12:52 PM

A scos și Cheloo o bucată nouă:


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#3 Bun venit

Posted by nFo on 08 September 2014 - 01:00 AM



Dorim sa va uram "Bun venit" pe noul nostru forum dedicat muzicii si nu numai.


Pentru orice informatii despre fostul tracker MT va rugam sa urmariti sectiunea "Torrents > Trackers > Stiri".


Cu stima,


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#2952 [.FLAC Rip] Config EAC 1.0 beta 3

Posted by nFo on 21 December 2014 - 10:14 AM

Step 1: Download and install EAC Download the installer and fire it up.


Eventually you'll get to a screen like this. Make sure you install AccurateRip, CDRDAO, CTDB and freedb as a bare minimum. FLAC will be useful as well if you don't have it separately installed. GD3 is only useful if you want to pay for metadata results. I assume you don't.

Note: The above screenshot is from Beta 3. The new Beta 3 adds the option to include the CueTools Database Plugin. It is recommended to install it but not required. Full details for installation of the plugin on older versions is located in the appendix at the end of this guide.

Step 2: Start EAC


When you first start EAC, you'll see a screen like this one. Hit "Cancel". Next, put a popular CD into your drive, preferably not one that was recently released (a few months old at least). You'll see a window like the one below appear. If you have an older version of EAC or dBpoweramp installed, it's likely AccurateRip was already configured, and this may not appear.


Hit Configure. It may take a few minutes. Hit "Ok" afterward. Once again, if you have an older version of EAC or dBpoweramp installed, it's likely AccurateRip was already configured, and this may not appear.

Step 3: EAC Options
All of the options dialogs can be found from the EAC menu at the top of the screen.


Start with EAC Options. Any tabs not pictured are completely optional settings, or are irrelevant to ripping.


Make sure you set the green highlighted settings as shown. If you're using an older version of EAC, make sure "No use of null samples for CRC calculations is UNCHECKED. The rest is optional, choose as you will. Locking the drive tray during extraction isn't a bad idea though.


These settings are pretty much all optional and self explanatory. I'd recommend using Alternate CD play routines and disabling autostart though.

The "Show status dialog after extraction" option setting has been problematic for some users. This displays the log after the rip is done, and offers you the option to save the log file. If you follow this guide, EAC will do this automatically. Do NOT hit "Save Log". As such I've disabled the setting here. Only turn it on if you know what you're doing.

The "Create log files always in english language" is very important for our international users. This will let you keep EAC's language as your native one, but write the log file in English, allowing it to pass our logchecker without needing to be rescored manually.


If your drive is capable of reading UPC/ISRC codes and CD-Text (you can only really figure this out by trial and error), you're welcome to keep the top two options checked. Otherwise, uncheck them.

Other than that, these settings are pretty much ideal. I wouldn't recommend using more than 1 compressor thread even if you have a multicore computer. It doesn't take very long compared to the track extraction anyway. Note that in tests run by punkmeup, disabling the queue of external compressors in the background fixed an issue where EAC was generating WAV files instead of FLAC, so I've made that a required option. It should have no bearing on the rip quality. If rip queueing works for you (it does for me), feel free to leave it enabled.


Friends don't let friends normalize their EAC rips. Don't ever do it. It will instantly be given a 0% by the logchecker.


As shown in the screenshot above here is the proper way to name tracks.

Naming Convention : %albumartist%_-_%albumtitle%-CD-FLAC-%year%-MiNT\%tracknr2%-%title%

Check 'Use Various Artists Naming Scheme' and use : VA_-_%albumtitle%-CD-FLAC-%year%-MiNT\%tracknr2%-%artist%_-_%title%

The only difference acceptable here would be perhaps %tracknr2%. %title% if you prefer periods instead of dashes in the filenames. If you need track numbers to go into triple digits for some reason, use %tracknr3% instead.

Replace spaces by underscores. Linux users will be grateful ;).

A note on directory naming schemes:

Don't use a directory structure here, unless you want to go back and edit your CUE sheet later. When you add a directory to the naming scheme, it'll put that directory path into the files. Then when someone goes to burn the files in EAC using your cuesheet, they'll be unable to do so. If you do insist on using a directory structure here, you need to go back, edit the CUE in a program such as notepad, and remove the folder name from each line.

For example, a cuesheet line should look like this:

FILE "01 Last Known Surroundings.wav" WAVE

Not like this:

FILE "C:\EAC Rips\Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011) [FLAC]\01 Last Known Surroundings.wav" WAVE

A guide for batch editing your cuesheets in this manner can be found here.

If you insist on doing this, the scheme might look something like this:
%artist% - %albumtitle% (%year%) [FLAC]\%tracknr2% - %title%

Follow the listed items on the Filename tab if you prefer a different scheme.

Step 4: Drive Options


Start by hitting "Detect Read Features...". This will actually take a few minutes. The only feature detection that actually matters is Accurate Stream. If your drive can use it, checkmark the setting (most modern drives have Accurate Stream). If it can't, don't.

Even if your drive doesn't cache audio, just do us a favour and leave that checked. Not only will it stop you from having to have each of your uploads rescored by hand, but it doesn't affect the audio quality at all. Yes, the rips take a bit longer with that setting enabled. Go watch TV or something while you wait.

Do not use C2, even if EAC thinks you can. Most drives have terrible C2 error implementation.


Hit "Autodetect read command now". It shouldn't take long. Leave everything else unchecked unless you're having problems. You can checkmark "CD-Text Read capable drive" if you want to test whether your drive can do it. If it can, great, otherwise, uncheck it. It's unlikely you'll ever use that feature anyway.


If you did the AccurateRip configuration at the start of this guide, the top half here will be greyed out. If not, you'll need to find your read offset correction from this list. Don't use a combined read/write offset.

If you want to figure out whether your drive needs "Overread into Lead-in and Lead-Out" checked, you can check by temporarily unchecking "Use AccurateRip with this drive". Stick a CD in the drive and hit "Detect read sample offset correction...". If you're just doing this for the Overread, see below:

blowfish.be wrote:

Check "Overread Lead-In and Lead-Out" only if the test result says that your drive can overread from both the Lead-In and Lead-Out, or if it says Lead-Out and your offset correction is positive ,or if it says Lead-In and your offset correction is negative. Otherwise disable (uncheck) it.

Remember to check "Use AccurateRip with this drive" again once you're finished. AccurateRip is necessary for a 100% log.


Pretty much every drive should work with the settings shown. If yours stalls on detecting gaps or detects gaps that are obviously wrong (like 30 second gaps on a non-live album), try Detection method B or C. If A, B, and C all fail, you can switch "Secure" to "Accurate" and try again.

Step 5: Metadata Options


Here's where you pick your metadata provider. If you did install GD3, it'll be in the list. You can only rip 10 discs before you have to pay for a subscription though. Otherwise, you have a choice between the MusicBrainz plugin (CTDB), freedb plugin and EAC's native freedb support. I'm not really sure what the big difference is, I'm guessing it's the cover+lyrics. Anyway, change those settings above if you wish.


If you use EAC's native freedb instead, the settings should look like this. Make sure you put an email at the top, it doesn't need to be real. Hit "Get active freedb server list". Then checkmark the last option.

Step 6: Compression Options


Set up this tab exactly as shown. You'll have to browse to the path where you have flac.exe, if you installed it with EAC it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Exact Audio Copy\FLAC\flac.exe. If you installed it separately it's wherever you installed it. The bit rate and high/low quality have no effect on the rip.

The commandline parameters have changed in this version, so this will look new to most of you. The commandline recommended for optimal completeness is this:

-8 -V -T "ARTIST=%artist%" -T "TITLE=%title%" -T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%tracknr%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "PERFORMER=%albuminterpret%" -T "COMPOSER=%composer%" %haslyrics%--tag-from-file=LYRICS="%lyricsfile%"%haslyrics% -T "ALBUMARTIST=%albumartist%" -T "DISCNUMBER=%cdnumber%" -T "TOTALDISCS=%totalcds%" -T "TOTALTRACKS=%numtracks%" -T "COMMENT=http://musictorrents.org" %source% -o %dest%

It takes no extra effort on your part, just copy and paste that into the additional commandline options and you're done.

Note: the %comment% function is broken in version 1.0b2 (it returns the track CRC). Use something like -T "COMMENT=EAC V1.0 beta 2, Secure Mode, Test & Copy, AccurateRip, FLAC -8" instead.

Also, as of Beta 3 you may use the %tracknr1% variable instead of %tracknr% if you would like to have no leading zeroes in the track number field (like XLD does). tracknr1 will use, for example, '1' instead of '01'.


Leave everything unchecked except the last option.

Congrats! EAC is now properly set up! You may wish to save your settings in a profile by hitting "New" at the bottom of the screen. However, unless you're changing your settings frequently there's no need, EAC will remember all of this on next launch regardless.

Step 7: Ripping


So now let's look at the main window. Be sure everything is named correctly here, as these will be the tags on your ripped files. If you're ripping a classical CD, you may wish to fill in the Composer/Performer fields.

Drag a cover image into the EAC window. I think ~500x500 is a decent size in most cases. Google images is your friend here.

If you're ripping a box set, you may wish to use the options under the cover image, otherwise leave them all as "1".

Finally, if you want to add lyrics to the tracks, use the "Lyrics" button.

Note: I've also highlighted the "New" button where you can save your settings. This is not a necessary step each time you rip.

Step 2: Gap Detection and Cuesheets


The pre-rip stuff happens here. Make sure "Append Gaps to Previous Track (default)" is checked. It should be. Next, hit the options in the order shown.

First, hit "Detect Gaps". This is very important, your rip will fail the logchecker if you do not complete this step. If the first track is highlighted in red, you have a hidden track. You'll want to look at this section of the blowfish.be guide.

Next, go to Create CUE Sheet -> Multiple WAV Files With Gaps... (Noncompliant). This is usually where I create the folder for ripping as well. Do NOT rip your tracks to any directory containing your name. You should NEVER edit a log for any reason, especially now that we have checksums. A simple C:\EAC Rips is fine.

I name my directories as follows:
Artist - Album (Year) [Format] {Extra}

So for example, with the album in the screenshots, it'd be

Sam Roberts Band - Collider (2011) [FLAC] {UMC 0252764577}

However, as long as it contains the album name and no nested folders (don't do \Artist\Album\), you're fine by the rules here.

Anyway, make the folder, save the .cue file into it. I usually just name mine Noncompliant.cue, it doesn't really matter.

Step 3: Ripping


Finally, the rip itself! Make sure all the tracks are checkmarked in the main window unless there are some you don't want to rip.

Test & Copy -> Compressed.

Depending on your drive and whether or not the CD is scratched, this could take anywhere from ten minutes to four hours. Be patient.

There's a known bug in EAC where opening the file select dialog will crash the program on some machines. You can use a temporary work-around by setting a manual directory for each rip in EAC Options->Directories. You can see an example of this below. Pressing "Browse" on this screen will likely crash the program as well, so you may need to type or paste in the path by hand.

Step 4: Post-Rip

So you're done! You may wish to use logchecker.php to check and make sure your rip is proper, but if you followed this guide, the only possible errors would be with the CD itself. It does happen... some CDs are too badly damaged, even for EAC. Your best bet is to clean the CD and try again.

Other than that, it never hurts to make sure your files are tagged and named properly (though they should be). Any extra stuff you want to include should be added now as well... Additional artwork, an md5 fingerprint, an info.txt file, that sort of thing. If you don't want to do any of that, it's time to find yourself an uploading guide!

Va Multumesc Pentru Atentie !

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#2861 De ce a prins file sharing-ul la romani ?

Posted by DzR on 14 December 2014 - 03:33 PM

[...] noi stam pe torrente [...] din cauza faptului ca nu avem bani (multi). Adica...eu am vazut astazi 3 filme BluRay pe care ar fi trebuit sa platesc ~350 RON. 


In strainatate e alt nivel de trai iar oamenii se duc la cinema sa vada un film, isi iau jocurile de pe Steam, etc.


Din fericire la noi in tara sunt probleme mai mari iar autoritatile nu stau sa piarda vremea cu cateva (sute de mii de) persoane care iau jocuri de pe net. :D


3D nu imi place, il detest, iar Digitalul nu se vede la fel de bine ca un BluRay pe televizorul meu. La cinema ma duc doar cu gasca si/sau prietena, dar un film bun prefer sa il vad la mine in pestera.


Asta urasc eu cel mai mult la romani, ca-s uni din cei mai ipocriti oameni din Europa. N-au bani de filme si jocuri dar isi cumpara masini de zeci de mii de euro, stau in chirie dar au TV de 2 metri in garsoniera (in genaral vorbesc, nu e vre-un apropo). Am spus pe pagina trecuta ca orice om (care lucreaza si are un salariu mediu) din Romania isi permite sa mearga la cinema si de 1-2 ori pe luna si sa-si cumpere la cateva luni un joc pe steam. Cine spune ca e sarac si nu poate, inseamna ca nu vrea, pentru ca poate lua gratis. Nu intru in detalii legat de motive ca cine se simte stie exact ce vreau sa spun chiar daca nu va recunoaste niciodata.


Sa ne intelegem, mitul asta despre oameni occidentali perpetuat de persoane care nu au iesit din tara sau si-au pus ochelari de cal cand au iesit e exagerat. Nu vine neamtul sa isi cumpere 100 bluray-uri pe luna pentru ca lucreaza si nu are el timp de filme si jocuri si nu ar avea nici bani pt toate daca e pana acolo. Ideea e ca se intinde cat ii e plapuma. Daca vrea sa vada un film nu merge la supermarket sa-si cumpere disc-uri, ca nu sufera de "cleptomania" romanului ca absolut orice film il vede trebuie sa-l detina. Variante sunt destule (cinema, TV, HBO, VOD, etc) si daca considera ca e un film care va vrea sa-l puna la colectie il va cumpara.


Normal ca nimic se vede la fel de bine ca un bluray. La fel cum un Logan nu se conduce la fel de bine ca un Lamborghini, dar punand problema asa, opinia generala e ca Lamborghini e un lux, Loganul e o necesitate.


In Romania sunt dispus sa bag mana in foc ca cel putin 4-5 milioane de oameni, daca nu mai multi, descarca ceva de pe torrente la intervale mai mult sau mai putin regulate. Nu toti au acces la trackere private si nu toti au pe acelasi tracker, dar ideea e ca nu e cazul sa minimalizezi impactul "saracilor romani".

Ideea e ca nu stau eu sa trag pe nimeni de ureche ca descarca diverse de pe torrente. Nu-mi permit pentru ca si eu o fac si as fi exact ipocritul pe care-l blamez mai sus. Diferenta e ca daca e vre-un film pe care vreau sa-l vad la cinema il vad, daca vreau un joc il cumpar si nu ma plang ca nu-mi permit sa o fac desi nu am vre-un salariu cu 5 de zero-uri. Nu ma duc de 10 ori pe luna la cinema sa vad toate filmele interesante, imi aleg peste an 7-8 filme interesante pe care le vad si ma duc doar la alea. Jocurile de obicei le cumpar la steam sale, sau daca e ceva ce vreau neparat sa joc, platesc pretul intreg si din nou nu-mi mai cumpar nimic o perioada.


Normal ca nu e la fel de "ieftin" ca un x264 cu o punga de popcorn in sufragerie sau ca un joc de la Reloaded dar cineva munceste pt filmele si jocurile si vreau sa stiu ca desi nu e nici 50% din ce descarc, macar stiu ca dau bani pe chestii care oricum le-as fi cumparat ca existau torrente sau nu.

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#2343 GCS - Top Secret FLAC tracker

Posted by comatome on 30 November 2014 - 12:52 PM

probabil pun pret mai mult pe comunitate mai ales daca membrii se cunosc intre ei. asta inseamna de fapt tracker privat. ei sunt acolo "intre prieteni". probabil nu cauta nici castiguri materiale. Oricum topicul nu-si are rostul aici odata ce nu avem cont acolo si nu stim nimic despre tracker. va genera doar discutii sterile. din ss-uri trackerul arata bine. as vrea sa vedem si la noi asa ceva

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#201 Bun venit

Posted by Geanta on 24 September 2014 - 12:42 AM

Se vrea... forum pentru mt (daca generam discutii si cu alte subiecte, cu atat mai bine)


t.ro nu poate fi inlocuit


Eh, stii ca forumul e online cu tot databaseul ? Trebuie doar adaugat DNS-ul in fisierul host si totul e ca inainte. Doar ca am impresia ca ceva orpeste aducerea lui din nou online. :(

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#1901 Sondaj Alegeri Presedinte Romania

Posted by johnake on 18 November 2014 - 03:28 AM

Important e ca în orice stat civilizat să existe un echilibru al puterilor. E foarte periculos ca un singur partid să dețină toate pârghiile puterii iar voi ca oameni tineri, deștepți și frumoși trebuie să realizați asta. :)

Trebuie să conștientizăm faptul că suntem responsabili pentru propriul destin și că nu o să existe niciodată un Mesia al poporului român. Trebuie să dăm un sens sacrificiilor făcute de oamenii care au suferit grav în timpul odiosului comunism. (pentru cei care spun că era mai bine pe vremea lor, îi invit să citească despre crimele abominabile comise în perioada rușinoasă a poporului). Zilele astea am aflat că voturile noastre pot penaliza grav clasa politică și că indiferent de agendele lor, prin efort comun, putem impune propria voință. Trebuie să știm ce vrem de la viitor pentru a-l putea contura cât mai bine.


Mesaj pentru socon și în general pentru oamenii fataliști, ușor manipulabili de media: verificați mai multe surse înainte de a trage concluzii pripite. Fiți circumspecți, nu vă lăsați conduși de sentimente și lăsați raționalul să domine.

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#1788 Funny Pics

Posted by nFo on 16 November 2014 - 01:25 AM

Înțelepciune pt pitzi

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#1232 Mare-ti e gradina...

Posted by maharet on 25 October 2014 - 06:46 PM

Mega Epic Fail =))Capture.png

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#2866 De ce a prins file sharing-ul la romani ?

Posted by WXM on 14 December 2014 - 05:18 PM

Nu-mi permit pentru ca si eu o fac si as fi exact ipocritul pe care-l blamez mai sus. 




Stai linistit. Repet: tu nu ai nicio vina, eu m-am exprimat de-asa maniera incat am dat impresia ca as avea BMW inmatriculat in Bulgaria, ca locuiesc intr-o garsoniera din Ferentari si ca am smartphone de 2500 RON dar cartela PrePay de 5 EUR fara credit.  :lol:


Chestia e ca eu sunt cam ahtiat dupa filme si daca ar fi sa cumpar fiecare BluRay as mai ramane cu mai putin de 500 RON din salariu. Am incercat cu amicii mei sa inchiriem filme, deoarece in Bucuresti ai de unde, dar am avut cateva experiente neplacute cu BluRay-uri zgariate care mai faceau figuri. La ~10 RON/24h mi se pare pomana sa inchiriez, dar meh. 


Si sincer prefer sa vad acasa un film bun decat sa-l vad la cinema. Acasa stai chill, poti pune pauza si mai ales: nu iti mai vine sa iei la bataie urangutanii si vacile din sala. Am fost la Interstellar cand a aparut si pe la jumatatea filmului au inceput sa se plictiseasca cocalarii deoarece ei se asteptau la sex, impuscaturi si explozii, dar au primit astrofizica pe paine. Teoria relativitatii era prea grea pentru ei, au inceput sa stea pe Facebook si sa vorbeasca intre ei, lucru care m-a deranjat. Asadar astept sa apara pe net ca sa-l revad. 




Sunt de acord cu voi, sunt o gramada de oameni lenesi si ipocriti la noi in tara, dar hai sa fim seriosi: strainii nu prea simt nevoia unor viteze de net asemanatoare cu cele din Romania. Aia construiesc autostrazi prin munti, credeti ca le-ar fi greu sa faca un sant de 1,5m adancime ca sa traga un cablu de net cu fibra optica? Ei au o altfel de mentalitate, la noi fraza "lasa ca-l iau de pe net" e marca inregistrata, e intiparita in cap de la o varsta frageda. Ei isi permit sa ii cumpere copilului 1-2-3 jocuri pe luna, dar la noi nu stiu cate familii isi permit sa dea ~100 EUR lunar DOAR pe cateva jocuri pentru PC/consola/etc.

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#1155 Discuții despre politică

Posted by DonaldTrump on 21 October 2014 - 10:51 PM


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