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Found 3 results

  1. nFo

    10 ani... MT

    Si uite asa au trecut 10 ani... La multi ani, prieteni 😉 2006-00-00 cafedelmar.mine.nu : Blue MT 2007-05-15 musictorrents.ro : Red MT 2012-00-00 music-torrents.ro : Green MT 2014-07-19 musictorrents.org : Gazelle MT
  2. nFo

    31 Martie 2015

    Avand in vedere urmatoarele 3 aspecte: MT este folosit (in continuare) doar de membrii cu vechime si trafic (mare). MT se adreseaza doar membrilor care sharuiesc si consuma materiale audio/video RO. MT a mentionat inca din 2013 ca reprezinta un efort financiar si se poate inchide oricand. Va anuntam ca la sfarsitul lunii Martie se vor dezactiva toate conturile membrilor din clasa de utilizator "User". Daca mai doriti sa fiti pe MT dupa data de 31 Martie, consultati articolul de "Promovare". Daca nu mai doriti sa fiti pe MT, va multumim pentru interesul minim manifestat si va uram drum bun.
  3. GCS - is one of the most secret tracker in the internet, which exclusively dedicated to Flac music material of very high quality. Also known as the “Garden” around dedicated community. You will not find any usual review of this site, because “Garden” is the most unavailable private tracker. The main rule there is privacy therefore they have very small number of users. The members do not accept new user unless they know the invitee. The tracker is one of the most wished and the best FLAC tracker, even better than EXIGO and Pedro’s. At the moment there are about 26000+ torrents and 200+ members. Torrents: Forums: Statistics:
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